Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Recycled envelopes

I have been twiddling with old envelopes again. The tray is made from paper strips cut from old envelopes and then spray painted with silver. The two pence piece is to give you an idea of size. The biscuit selection is simply the contents of my hole punch with some tiny beads and a splash of white acrylic paint. You may recall that I made some bat bracelets using inner tubes from bike tyres last year or the year before. How on earth could I throw away those tiny black rubber dots?..... As you can see 'there really is no such thing as rubbish'  You don't need tools when quilling. Simply use the paper strips from your shredder and coil the strips up between finger and thumb. Remember   'practice makes perfect' Don't expect to be good at it straight away.
I have been twiddling with old envelopes again. Check out my blog for full details

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