Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 17 June 2013

Giant envelope

Yesterday the kids bought Tony a giant card for father's day.  This card of course came in a giant envelope and the paper quality is superb.  I have just cut it into 40 x 5'' squares.  The snips and scraps that were left over I now have soaking in a bowl of hot water.  I aim to turn it into pulp to cover some more eggs and widgets.  If I manage to make anything from it today i will post pictures.  I have a yen to make a flock of geese  :-)  I just wish I could get some fresh quail eggs as they would make lovely goslings/ducklings etc.

update.....  I had a brainwave  and decided to shred a  small blue envelope and pop it into the paper pulp. I figured it would work along similar lines to the old fashioned 'blue bag' that people put into the wash to make the whites brighter. I can't think what i was thinking of as it just turned all the pulp a very pale blue.  It is a lovely colour but not quite what I had in mind.  Anyway, I covered some more eggs in the pulp and then added a layer to my giant teacup.  The cup is a work in progress and will take some time to complete so don't expect photos any time soon.

2nd update....   I tried to remove my giant teacup from the glass bowl that i was using as a mould.  It was stuck so fast that it could have been welded on.  I could only soak the 'teacup' and tear all the layers of paper off.  All my work was for nothing.  Stingy little me though managed to soak the blue paper pulp layer off  :-)  it is now sitting in a jar on the windowsill.  Well I wasn't going to waste it was I ?  :-)   There is no such thing as rubbish 

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