Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 23 June 2013

dyeing with Kool Aid

I have wanted to try my hand at dyeing a little bit of Bertie's fleece for quite some time.  I have tried using Dylon in the past which has worked really well but I wanted to try dyeing my wool with Kool Aid. This is a powdered drink that comes from America.  My lovely friend Margaret brought some back for me when she returned from a holiday in The States so this evening I have given it a go.   I started off with a packet of kiwi/strawberry flavour drink but this was a little paler than i had hoped for.  I mixed a small amount of cherry and dripped it onto the fleece that was being dyed with the Kiwi/strawberry.  I didn't want to stir it as i want an 'art yarn' effect.   The cherry had made some of the fleece a stunning vibrant pinky red.   I rinsed the fleece then spun it in my salad spinner.   It is drying now and should be ready for me to comb and card tomorrow.  I have also got a pan of  'grape' dyeing some fleece as I type.  I will report back on the end result tomorrow.
Raw Fleece

The same fleece after a hot bath in some kool aid. The deeper pink is from the cherry flavour. The paler colour is the kiwi/strawberry.

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