Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Whole new wardobe (sort of)

This morning I had a really Good sort out of my wardrobe with the intention of chucking things out.  Well I have some really nice tops and a cheesecloth skirt that had seen better days.  They are great clothes but just a little drab now so..............................................  I have put them into the washing machine with a packet of Tulip Red dye. Because they are different shades of deep pink and purple they will look completely different when they come out.  I also threw a little cropped shrug type cardigan in to see if it will take the dye.  I was surprised to see that it has though to a lesser degree than the rest of the stuff. Tis swirling around in the machine as I type.   The skirt used to be  kind of dip dyed shades of beige through to light brown and I must have had it for at least ten years. .  A couple of years ago I dyed it a dark cerise pink and now it will be Tulip Red.  I shall have a whole new wardrobe for the cost of a packet of dye. the dye incidentally was lurking in the garage in a box that I sorted from under the sink  last year. I have a few different colours in there from my 'dyeing patch'.  Did I ever tell you that I went through a patch of changing the colour of all my stuff??????   It was great fun and I am so pleased that I spotted the dye yesterday or my old clothes would have been chucked out this morning.

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