Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 5 April 2013

Egg shells

I have spent a lovely half hour this morning painting some more of my egg shells.  I started off with yellow paint which as you can see doesn't give good coverage.  Lesson learnt ' don't use cheap paint'. It is far better to spend your money on some good stuff.  Anyway, I painted a few shells yellow then added a little red (good paint) to the yellow and made the coral colour.  I added more for different shades. Then I added some blue  and some white to see what colour I would get and half expected brown.  I actually got a very pretty shade of purple.  I added more white to lighten the shade. At this point I ran out of space to dry the shells so had to stop.  Once they dried I added them to my collection all ready to use next week as a resource with my group.  It is very tempting to break them into little tiny pieces but I much prefer to keep them fairly big.  I have a jar full of tiny pieces and they are an absolute pain to use.

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