Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Brown paper bag and blown eggs

I have had a heavy duty brown paper carrier bag sitting in my stash watching me for ages.  Because it was such a thick paper I knew it would be quite difficult to put through my shredder.  Well yesterday I tore into into loads of little pieces and put it into a bowl of hot water.  I left that for a few hours to soften the paper then put the paper and water into my blender.  Once blended I left the sludgy brown pulp all afternoon to soften nicely.  The pale coloured 'mouse' is my trial run last night.  It dried on a log in front of my log burner all night.  This morning I made a few more and then I took some of my widget stash and covered them in pulp.  I will use them on Friday in school and the kids can make a mini mouse of their own.  Obviously my mice need features adding but I wanted to show you what to do with that paper bag that you have in your stash.

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