Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Eggshell mosaic

Occasionally my son Alexander  forgets that I am keeping all the shells to craft with and simply cracks them.  I have been experimenting with egg shell mosaic and this is my first attempt. I used drawing inks but i don't think that the colours are strong enough.  I plan to try again but will use my alcohol inks next time.  I would love to have some white egg shells to play with but I get so few of them and they are just too beautiful to crack and look stunning sitting unadorned in a red glass bowl.  I used a small wooden heart for the base. Then I added a generous dollop of Mod Podge before pressing the shells onto the heart. When it was dry I swirled some ink across the top and once that was dry I gave it a couple more coats of mod podge.  The colours are a little nicer thatn the photo shows but not quite as nice as I had hoped.  Better luck next time :-)

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