Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Craft room

At long last we have made a start turning my wood turning workshop into my pink and white girly craft room.  Tony bless him has spent the last two days setting all the woodworking gear up in the garage. We have given away some really good woodworking stuff to our friend's son Mark and we know he will have great fun learning to use my old lathe and carving on the carving horse.  We had three carving horses and after a few heartstring tugging moments we let one go.. I prefer to carve on the lap tray that Tony made me for Christmas and  I will just have to get used to using Tony's lathe. It will take a few weeks before the craft room is ready but I am getting really excited at the thought. My spare room will be a proper spare room for guests to stay over and I won't have to keep moving craft stuff off the bed each time we have overnight visitors.

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