Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 24 January 2013

I have been cleaning out my cupboards at home and had some dried milk to use up.  To be honest it was a bit past it's best and was more a lump of dried milk than a tin of powder.  I could have thrown it out but instead I made a lovely rice pudding with it.  I don't have any pudding rice so just used some of my arborio rice.  It tasted really nice cooked with a couple of spoons of vanilla sugar. Fairtrade vanilla of course.  Buy the pods and put them in to a large glass jar (mine was an old coffee jar) Fill to the top with caster sugar and use whenever you fancy baking.  It adds a lovely gentle vanilla taste to everything and smells fantastic.  Keep topping up the jar cos the pods last for a very long time.

Anyway I digress, I am supposed to be showing you the dried milk container after a little bit of work.  I made loads of paper straws using paper from the recycle bin at work. I trimmed them to length and stuck them onto the container. The braided effect top looks great and is simply little pieces of pipe cleaner (chenille stems I think they are called these days) A quick coat of metallic paint et voila.... perfect desk container for pens, paintbrushes etc.  I intend to use mine to store my paper straws in when I have a spare moment.  They are a great crafting resource and so easy to make. 

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