Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Or should that be dessicating????? 
I bought myself a bunch of tiny yellow roses last Friday and I have really enjoyed them. They are starting to fall off the stalks even though they look fine so I have just put them in my dehydrator . Then I took 3 big fat bananas, I split them into fingers and popped them into the dehydrator too They go quite chewy and almost like a cross between fudge and toffee. They keep for weeks too. I am planning to add some rose scented oil to the roses and put them into a bowl to enjoy for a few more weeks.  I made loads of fruit leather over the past two years. Alexander loves it and we buy fruit when it is really cheap so it is quite economical too.
The Elderflower Champagne is coming along nicely. I think I must have my preserving head on just lately as I made some lovely  Elderflower and lemon marmalade with the lemon skins left over from the elderflower cordial that I made last week. It is utterly delish.  I will post a photo of the flowers when they have dried

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