Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Utterly hooked on this blimmin quilting

I spent a good part of today adding to my quilt. Oh I do get obsessed:-)   Then I spent a couple of hours adding to my shawlette which is vey nearly complete.  I was given two lovely wooden shawl pins last week at wood turners .  I do enjoy going to the club but haven't turned for ages.  If the sun would only come out and stay out for a few days I would feel more like going out into th workshop and doing some turning.  I was really in the mood to try my hand at making some shawl pins last week as they are really simple to make and I have some beautiful yew in the workshop. It has lovely markings and will make gorgeous brooches and shawl pins.
My friend Paul is shearing Bertie his pet sheep again on Saturday so i will have a bath full of stinky fleece to deal with.  I still have loads from last year but I want to make some wadding for a small quilted throw.  I think it would be fabulous if I felt the wadding from Berties fleece.

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