Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

To quilt or not to quilt . that is the question

Well tonight I chose 'not to quilt'  I did a little more on my lovely minty green shawlette instead. It is comng along really nicely and is growing bigger by the day.
Earlier this evening Tony and I went for a walk out to gather some Elderflowers. I will be making cordial on Friday and just in case the weather is horrible and I am unable to collect fresh ones I chose to put a load into my dehydrator.  Tony picked a beautifully fragrant rose from the hedgerow for me. I put this into the dehydrator with the Elderflowers and the house was filled with the most beautiful scent of the two flowers.  I love this time of year when the hedgerows are so wonderfully fragrant with roses. This year I may just find time to make rosehip syrup if I can collect enough hips.  I am also planning to make raspberry syrup if I get a good crop this summer. I usually give my extras away but I have a yen to see a shelf full of home made preserves by the Autumn. I am planning to dry any surplus tomatoes and pack them in olive oil.  Herbs will be dried and pumpkins will be put on a shelf in the garage or made into soups and frozen

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