Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 29 June 2012

Scrappy bag and sewing machine cover

My friend Bernard challenged me to make a quilted bag from fabric scraps. In between  fighting to get the laundry all done I have had a thoroughly lovely day rising to the challenge.  I used heavy weight upholstery velour from my fabric stash and this is the result. I went on to make the sewing machine cover cos I need to look after this little workhorse. I put pockets on both sides to store bits and pieces

 On Tuesday my friend Paul called in and brought me two very smelly sheep fleeces. My bathroom smelt like a farm while I tried to wash them in the bath.  Big mistake as there was just too much fleece to allow it soak properly. After three attempts to get the muck out of the fleece I gave up.  I am now planning to wash it in smaller batches as and when I have time.  It would help if it was dry and sunny outisde but we are having torrential rain storms. 
I am planning to do a 'diary of the fleece' and keep track of what I made with it.

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