Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Orange peel

For several years I have been cutting orange peel into tiny shapes with sugar paste cutters.  These dry nicely between the pages of an old telephone directory and are a great crafting medium. When dry you can store them in small cardboard boxes.  I use them in collage and pictures in schools.
My friend Elizabeth gave me a box made from an orange skin that had been brought back from a holiday.so I decided to see how easy it would be to make one. This one is my first and does need a little bit of work to neaten it up but it was very easy to make.  I had a few satsumas in my fruit bowl which were getting a bit past their best.  I sliced the tops off two of them and juiced the pulp (very nice drink too it was)
I scraped all the pulp from inside the skins so I could only see clean white pith. Then I wrapped two small glasses in paper towel and eased the skins over the glasses.  They are quite tough but stretch fairly easily. You do of course need to make sure the glasses are slightly different sizes to allow for the box lid. I stood them in my porch where it gets really hot and waited for them to dry.   ( Don't be tempted to wrap the glass in cling film though or your skins may go mouldy.   You are aiming to get the moisture out of the skins as quickly as possible.)

When they are dry you just ease them off the tops of the glasses and then neaten them as needed. The paper towel tends to stick so be careful how you peel this off .I will be seeing how well shoe polish stains them as they feel quite leathery and may look good in different colours.  Sand paper works well to neaten any rough edges.

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