Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 13 April 2012

Pop bottle bangles

Today I have been making a few things for my 'Eco Schools' display. I made three bangles, a couple of brooches and a handful of rings. The ring bases I cut from milk bottle handles. I have very thin fingers and they fit me perfectly. Plastic bottles are clearly my current passion

Just lit the log burner and once I have checked my emails and posted this blog update I will settle down for a couple of hours of quilting. It is such a lovely hobby and it is great to be able to make something from even the tiniest scraps of fabric. Claudia was really pleased to see some scraps of the strawberry fabric that her summer dress was made with last year. It is kind of nice to add bits from friends and one fellow WI member gave me four squares of cotton on Wednesday to add to my quilt. I will post pics as it grows.

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