Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 28 April 2012

A little blue

Today I have had great fun dyeing a load of old faded t shirts and tops the most gorgeous shade of bluey aqua.  It was called 'bahama blue' on the box. My washing line was full of lovely colour coordinated clothes. The different fabrics soaked up different amounts of dye which  means that I got loads of different shades from one wash load.  I even chucked some white undies in too and they now match my t shirts.
I also bought a 'goldfish orange' coloured dye so when I find some more stuff to dye I can do an orange batch. I also had a bit of a ruthless chuck out day.  I went up in the loft and sorted out a whole pile of junk.  Heaven only knows what made me keep it all.
Tomorrow I am helping my friend Jayne to board her loft and sand bits off some of  her doors to stop them sticking.

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