Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Big Move

We moved work premises today, I hadn't seen the new place until after lunch and was expecting a grotty old hole of a place judging by the descriptions. Yes it isn't our lovely green and leafy Linthorpe but it is bright, spacious and really rather nice. I reckon we will all be very comfortable there. Tomorrow as we won't have telephones or internet installed we are all just tweeking and making it 'ours'. The move went really smoothly and we were pretty surprised to be all done by 2pm. Our work diaries have been booked for the full week to enable the move. Not sure how we will fill the extra time if tomorrow goes as smoothly as today did. I feel a few 'desk flowers' might need to be made from tissue and whatever is laying about.

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