Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My week so far

I know it is only Tuesday but I have been a busy lady this week so far. On Sunday I had the most lovely Mother's day. Both Adam and Alexander bought me some lovely cotton fabric for my new quilting passion. My duvet quilt is coming along nicely but I had wanted some pretty cotton fabrics to make a cushion for my bed. Both of the kids came up trumps and I now have a lovely stash.
Yesterday I fitted the architrave around the bathroom doors. Oh what a brute those mitres are. I ended up using my Flexcut chisels and to be honest I will need to cover up the lumpy bumpy bits with a bit of good old filler before I can paint.
It is now Tuesday 7.26am and I have just been and primed then plastered the big gaping patch that has been decorating our bedroom wall since we had the ensuite installed. It took less than 45 minutes and job done. I need to go back and polish the plaster with the float as it starts to dry. Oooh listen to me, Mrs painter anad decorator :-) . Tomorrow I am back at work but will have Friday to paint and decorate the woodwork.

Oh and I had a little bit of plaster left in the bowl so I have spooned it into my heart shaped silicon moulds. If it doesn't ruin the moulds I wll have 6 plaster hearts to play with . I am planning to decorate them with pressed flowers and then seal them with external Modge Podge. I think they will look pretty if I can glue them to the garden wall. My papier mache hearts are all dry now. They smell of violets cos I added a drop of scented oil onto each heart while it was in the mould.. I think they will be really pretty card decorations or perhaps just to pop into a organza bag and hang up in the porch.

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