Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 2 March 2012

The flood

I have just had the experience of a burst pipe. I was standing in the conservatory watching the fish in the garden pond when I heard splish, splash, splosh noises coming from behind me. A waterfall had formed in between the kitchen and sitting room. Where is our stop cock??????? Down in what is called the cellar. This area is about 4ft high and runs all the way under the house. We use it to store china, glass etc. The hatch to the cellar is in the understairs cupboard. Well if your understairs cupboard is anything like mine you will know how many coats, boxes, ironing board etc you have to move before you can pull up the hatch. Okay that done, raise hatch. The electric has blown it is total darkness down there. EEEEEEK what do I do? Do I ring Tony and say I just can't go down in the cellar or do I get on with it? Blimmin torch battery is fading so I have a a very dodgy torch that keeps going off. Well to cut a long story short I just got on with it. I went down into the cellar and felt my way through the darkness to the stop valve and switched off the water. I was a shaking wreck when I rang Tony to tell him what had happened. I now have every towel in the house and a couple of blankets to wash as I used them to mop water and stop the flood reaching my bookcases. I have hundreds of pounds and many years collecting books of every craft genre there.
Very big lesson learned. GET THAT STOP VALVE MOVED. We have talked about doing it for ages.

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