Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 17 February 2012

Pop Bottle Aquarium

I had a lovely evening all to myself last night. Tony dropped Adam off at his friends house, Alexander went to Helen's and then after watching the match on TV Tony went for a couple of pints and a natter with the lads. I spent most of the evening knitting and feeding the log burner. It was so peaceful and relaxed. It really does one good to just chill out with some soft music and a ball or two of lovely soft knitting yarn

I have been meaning to take a photo of my pop botle aquarium for a few days so here it is. Are you shaking your head and sighing yet???? :-) Well my little crochet fish need somewhere to live don't they. I have a large jar of gravel from the fish tank just waiting for a new use. I think it finishes it off nicely. I have also made a blue stand and am waiting until Alexander finishes the bottle of Pepsi so that I can make another tank. I already have the fish to put into it.

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