Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Cake Stand

My colleague Sam and I are organising a retro tea party in aid of womens cancers. We will be serving Fairtrade refreshments and cakes and are trying to make it as pretty and feminine as we can. Ages ago I bought a pile of tea plates and matching saucers from a jumble sale for £1. With the addition of a cake stand fitting from Ebay I made this pretty little cake stand. I will make a few more before the event as I really love the outcome. I will be searching jumble sales for pretty plates from now on.

Crafty tip.........To make the holes I used my dremel and a grinding stone attachment to start it off. Then I used the big drill (boys toys) with an even bigger grindstoney thingy (girly description) to grind a wider circle/dent. Then I put a 6mm drill bit in the big drill and drilled right through. The drill bit came free with the cake stand fittings and kind of looks like a hollow tube with grindy bits on one end, I have never seen a drill bit like it before. I got all the plates and saucers for £1 and two cake stand fittings and the free drill bit for £4. Dead cheap and if I had broken some it wasn't a fortune to spend. Best place for plates is probably jumble sales.

Oh and if you try this put a splash of water on the plate/saucer and only drill in short bursts or the china will overheat and crack. BE CAREFUL, electricity and water don't mix.

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