Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to work today

Happy new Year to anyone that may have stumbled on my blog. Hope it is is warm and dry where you are. It was wet and dark when I came out of the house this morning. Standing at the bus stop was quite an experience as the wind tried to tear the shelter from the ground. It was lovely to come round the corner and see all the lights on in this office. This meant that I wasn't first one in and that there was a chance it might be slightly warm inside.
My funding is due to run out in March and I am so aware that cutbacks are being made everywhere. This might be my last few months at MEC so I hope to really promote Fairtrade while I am still in post as I have become absolutely passionate about it. I can't bring myself to buy any banana but a Fairtrade one. To think about the people that are actually growing the things I eat and to pay them a fair price has become my mantra. I am also busy finding new things to make from old plastic milk bottles. I have had such fun during the Christmas holidays turning my rubbish into 'art'. The kids will enjoy taking home new things when I get back into schools and show them that there really is no such thing as rubbish. I am sure that there are very clever people out in the world who will be able to use things that I have yet to find a way to re use.

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