Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 19 December 2011

Finished for Christmas

Well I finished on Friday until after the Christmas holidays. Saturday we went and bought all our Christmas food and goodies and then today I went into Middlesbrough to buy Alexander a good coat and some nice aftershave. It was so difficult to find a nice lightweight waterproof coat without a fleece lining. He gets too warm and already has two warm coats???? We searched for ages until we managed to find one for him. Both boys have asked for new socks ???? Ho hum, my children are easy to please. Adam asked for a new light for his sitting room but that was ages ago and it is a distant memory now. I also paid for his tattoo but again that was ages ago and I do so want him to have a couple of presents to open on Christmas morning.
My sister came over today and we had a lovely natter. It seems so long ago that she was very ill with cancer but it was only a year ago. She was very poorly and didn't enjoy last Christmas but she is having a great one this year. It is odd to see her hair so short but poor love lost it all and it will take a while to grow back. I love the colour she has it now. The bathrooms still aren't finished but we are almost there. They will be lovely when they are finished and have doors on :-).

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