Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 28 October 2011

Almost November

Where on earth did this year go? It seems no time since we were looking at Christmas decorations in the shops last year. Although I do think it all goes up way too early these days I admit to loving Christmas. I have been really busy making some pretty things to send to some swap partners on the Ravelry website. I can't post photos until after they get them or it will spoil the surprise.
Here at home we are in the process of replacing the bathroom. I have a house full of cement dust and a very sore finger where I bashed it with a mallet and chisel (wince at the thought) but I know that it will all look lovely when it is finished.
I have been off work for nearly two weeks now as I have a lot of holiday time to use up. It is coming up to my busy time in schools and I won't have the heart to turn them down as we get closer to Christmas. I love to see the kids faces when they make something utterly gorgeous from old junk. People keep telling me that I should write a book and I am now seriously considering it so watch this space.
Must go and get dressed now as I have a thousand things to do today. Stay warm and well fed and be gentle with yourself. x

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