Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Middlesbrough Town Meal 2011

Is almost upon us. It has come round so fast and hopefully we have thought of everything to make it a great day out for families.
Today we took a load of kids Edwardian/Victorian style clothes into a local school and arranged a photo shoot. Hopefully the Gazette and the Northern Echo will run an article which will give us some much needed publicity.
On Sunday I was invited to talk live on air about making chutney and the Town Meal on our local radio station and I think it went really well. I tend to talk a lot when I am nervous so was terrified that I would mumble a load of nonsense. I was pleased when I listened to it yesterday on the BBCi. I think I covered pretty much all that needed mentioning.
I didn't finish work until after 7 this evening so I am worn out. I think a bath and an early night will do me the world of good

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