Wednesday, 7 September 2011

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Well where do I begin (could that be a song)? Preparations for Middlesbrough Town Meal have taken up a huge amount of my time and I am meeting myself coming backwards at the moment. Poor Louise is working herself into the ground juggling so many roles. I have volunteered to go in two extra days without pay in the week running up to the meal just to help out as much as I can.
Crafting is taking a bit of a back shelf at the moment though I am still trying out lots of daft little ideas for quick and easy crafts for children. I love the way the internet lets us all share our craft ideas with other like minded people. I have learned so much from adapting things I have seen online. I am also knitting at the moment and am making gloves and scarves in all colours of the rainbow.
I had planned to go into town today but I think I might just have a nice lazy day off and chill out with a nice new knitting pattern.

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