Thursday, 18 August 2011

Been down to Kent

And oh how warm it was. The weather forecast hadn't been very good so I unpacked all my skirts and shorts. I put jeans and a couple of cardigans in as I assumed the evenings would be cool. Well we must be tough 'Up North' as we found it was pleasantly warm during the evenings. Only once did we need our coats and that was during a heavy rain storm. Once the rain cleared away it was beautiful weather all the time we were there.

Anyway now that I am home I can show you what I have made recently. I now have a passion for knitting lace and as this was the only pattern I had until my lace knitting books arrived I made a start on it. I am sooooo pleased with how it looks

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  1. Wow that is beautiful- once again I am in awe of neatness, yet bathing in gorgeousness!