Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Moving house

Well not actually. We have decided that we can't find a house that would fit all our things so we are staying put.
On Saturday, Tony and I went to view a gorgeous house in an area we hadn't considered before. The house was everything we could have hoped for BUT, the layout of the rooms means that our furniture won't fit and we don't want to get rid of it. After much discussion we are now staying put and are planning some major refurbs to make this the house that we will grow old in. We will start with the back garden. We plan to turn the pond around so that the waterfall runs from the opposite side. The pergola is going to come down so I can put my workshop at the bottom of garden. The workshop will be painted and refurbed for my craft stuff. We are planning to take the spare freezer out of the garage and put it in the workshop. This will create enough heat in the winter to ensure everything doesn't get damp. It is well insulated but we run a tiny radiator in there throughout the winter months to ensure my lathe and chisels don't rust. I think (hope) the freezer might chuck out enough heat to do this job without having to run the radiator.We will then extend the garage and make a woodworking workshop in the extended space.
Then we plan to install an ensuite bathroom. Aexander is hoping to get the grades for University next year. If he does we can sleep in his room while we refurb ours. Oh the excitement is getting to me :-) Watch this space.

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