Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wriggly Joe

The tiny speck here in the picture on the right is Wriggly Joe. :-). He is the first of 24 newly hatched goldfish and is about the size of an eyelash. I had gone out to feed the goldfish in the pond and noticed a tiny fish hatching from an egg. I couldn't believe my eyes as the fish usually eat all the eggs as fast as they lay them. I pulled some of the moss from the pond and put it into a bowl of water which sat on my dining room table for a couple of days. I was stunned to see Wriggly Joe swimming around the bowl and rang Tony to say we had a baby fish. He arrived home with a small aquarium and we carefully transferred all the moss and water from the bowl into the tank. We were really chuffed last night to see three tiny fish on the side of the aquarium. By the time we went to bed we had nine babies and at my last count we have twenty four, oooh errrr, we weren't expecting quite that many. I am told they might not all survive but can't wait to see how they grow and develop. I am of course now reading every bit of information I can about hatching goldfish.

Anyway less of fish and more chat. My colleague Sam and I have decided to start a craft club in September. It will be very informal and we hope to attract people along to share their skills. As you know I am very big into crafts and will gladly share this knowledge with anyone who cares to learn. Today I invited two ladies from our WI to craft with me. We had such a lovely morning and they are really excited about the thought of joining the craft club. Watch this space and we will see how it develops.
Tomorrow I will be at work and our boss has organised a Holistic Therapy session for everyone. We are all having a 30 minute massage. Oh how I love my job.

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