Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Rain Rain and More Rain

But hey! do you know what? I love it. Everything is looking all freshly washed and my marigolds positively glow. The vegetable border is coming along nicely and all the greenery is green :-) (what other colour would it be I ask myself)? The tadpoles in the pond look massive. I am beginning to think they might be baby newts as they show no signs of losing their tails. The goldfish keep spawning but it looks as though they eat every single egg. We would have loved a baby fish or two. In the pond we have noticed a very healthy frog population although one of them looks as if he is blind in one eye. We have called him Stevie (Wonder).
I have spent most of the weekend making recycled paper pulp covered widgets. I will be working in a local school that has a high percentage of low achieving kids. I reckon if I can give these kids something to make that they can be proud of it will be worth every soggy second. I have prepped 91 widgets up to now and need about 15 more so that all the kids and staff can have a go. I have also made some gorgeous 3d daisies from old envelopes. This set the old creative juices flowing so I have finally cut some of my beautiful papers and made a batch of cards. They look really pretty.
Tomorrow my baby turns 17. I have no idea how that screaming little baby turned into such a nice young man. I don't believe that 17 years have passed, where on earth did they go? We had a celebratory tea as today is Fathers Day. I had planned to cut Alexanders birthday cake but we didn't feel right singing Happy Birthday when it is not actually his birthday yet. We have kept the cake for tomorrow night and there is loads of party food left. Oh what a shame we will have to have another celebratory tea tomorrow :-) Oh well I will have to do some extra time with the hula hoop. I am trying to do 30 minutes each day and have managed to do this at least twice each day since the hoop arrived. I know the novelty will wear off but I hope to use up loads of calories while I am keen.

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  1. Cherie I love the beaded pen - I have bought myself a needle case to do but not got around to it yet - its on my To do list