Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Computer scare.

I thought my poor old laptop had given up the ghost tonight. It wouldn't access any files and wouldn't let me type. I switched it off and when I came back a little later it felt better. Phew!!! I didn't really want to go and buy another just yet. This got Tony and I talking about how old it is. I have had this laptop for nearly six years so I think I can justify buying another for Christmas (eeek don't say that C word). The laptop takes an age to warm up and is soooooooo (yawn) slow to use. I have been having a little look at new ones now and they are surprisingly cheap.
Nuff computer talk. I have just been online and ordered myself a few books off amazon. One day when I am rich :-) I will have a house with enough space for a whole room full of books. There will be no TV in that room, just a couple of snuggly sofas and some good reading lamps. It will look out over my huge garden and will be the hub of my home. Until then I will squeeze a few new books into my bookcase now and then.
Today I made Elderflower cordial over at one of our local Recreation centres. I love sharing my skills with people who appreciate learning something new. I think a few batches of cordial will be getting made over the next few days. We hope to make other preserved food from the hedgerow as they become ripe. It would be such a shame to lose all these old fashioned skills. It should be taught in schools so that the kids that might be interested in learning how to use free hedgerow food can go home and share those skills with friends and family. I might suggest it when I am next in a school that has access to a wildfood area.

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  1. I have been noticing the elderflowers myself recently...it is just finding some away from pollution in the suburbs here!
    Can I join you in your reading room...with little side tables with glasses of iced elderflower champagne- fabulous!