Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Great news

Yesterday I was asked if I wanted an extra day each week working. I was dead chuffed to be asked to assist my colleague who is organising the Middlesbrough Town Meal. It does of course mean I can put a little extra away each month for Alexander's University fund. I have some lovely new crafty things to show you all. It has been really lovely to have so much time to spend on crafting and I am really enjoying my latest passion of crochet. I used to make so many pretty little things for my daughters when they were little but hadn't touched a crochet hoook in years. I'm currently making loads of little flower circles to sew into a shrug or suchlike. What I do eventually make from them all depends how fed up of making the same thing over and over again will make me. My knitting and crochet pile is growing faster than I blink and I have two bowls of paper pulp sitting on my kitchen windowsill waiting to be turned into something beautiful. So many crafts so little time ;-)

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