Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fence blew down

But this meant that we were able to go and buy some nice berry bearing shrubs to plant in its place. Tony and I have had the loveliest day working together to remove the broken fence posts and plant the shrubs. I have woven my Jasmine through the chicken wire that we have put up to support the shrubs until they get a bit of strength in their stems. I can't wait for it to start scrambing and covering the chicken wire. We took a couple of 'before and after' photos so if I get time tomorrow I will post a few pics. I also made my very first seed beaded pen. It looks really pretty and has made me want to graph out other patterns to bead on pens.

Oh and while I remember I did my very first Freelance craft session at a local club. They paid me very well and I had a wonderful tim. The kids all have special needs so I wasn't sure how the session would go. The organisers asked if they could book me again some time.. Yee haa.

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