Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 15 April 2011

Well aren't I the early bird again???? :-) Actually I have been awake since six but stayed in bed till seven. Adam has got his mortgage so he will be skint for the next thirty odd years. I finished off the last bit of paper pulp yesterday and really must try not to make any more. Trouble is the end result is soooooo pretty. Tony keeps offering me envelopes with pretty insides to pulp or cut up. What is a girl supposed to do with an offer like that????

I think today I must try that housework thingy that I hear so much about. I think you are supposed to use something called a hoover to remove dust and bits off the carpets. Then I hear that you are supposed to dust and polish ???? WHY????????? I like bitty dusty carpets :-) Actually if I were being truthful I would love a neat and tidy house but it is never going to happen so why beat myself up over it?
Anyway I will go and put the laundry on the line and iron yesterdays batch.

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