Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Paper Pulp passion

Oh dear, I have gone and developed a passion for paper pulp. I can't help it, have you seen how pretty the insides of envelopes are? Tear them into little bits. Remove the plastic window thingy (they make great wings for flies and bees) Pop the bits of envelope into your blender with some hot water and and zap it for a few seconds. If you can leave it alone for a couple of hours so much the better. Now comes the fun part. I have loads of blown hen eggs (don't ask, relic from another passion) and all you have to do is scoop a little bit of paper pulp into a sieve of some kind. I have been using a tea strainer. Drain off some of the water and press the pulp onto the egg. You can press it really firmly with a piece of kitchen roll (this blends great too when you are finished so there is no waste). Roll the egg around on the paper too. It allows more water to soak out of the paper pulp. Be really firm with it and blot as much water as you can out of the egg. Now leave it to dry on a warm sunny windowsill. I will try to upload a photo or two and you can see what else has been covered in pulp.

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