Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 11 February 2010

What have I done all week?

Made little boxes out of beads for a start. The one I am working on at the moment has driven me nuts. Beads kept breaking several rows back so I have spent more time pulling it out than progressing. I suppose one good thing has come of it. I now have the patience of a saint. Not something that I would have credited myself with a few years ago.
Last night I dragged myself away from the beads to attend our local WI monthly meeting. If you have a WI near you go and join. They are a wealth of great ideas for arts and crafts. I have learned so much from signing up for all the workshops that they put on. It has probably taken about 4 years to become a 'proper member'. You know what I mean. They now talk to me instead of sitting in their own little groups and pretty much not talking to anyone else. Me on the other hand will talk to anyone and everyone. They probably think I am the local loony. My current craft medium is orange peel. Yes you read that correctly I said orange peel. I am using little sugar paste cutters to cut shapes out. Then I put the shapes between the pages of my old telephone directories and allow them to dry. They make great collage medium. Be careful though as once dry they are very brittle. Oh Happy crafting.

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