Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Thursday, 25 February 2010

It is a bit warmer today

I left for work this morning and discovered that it actually feels a little bit warmer. Not before time methinks.

The lemon tree that Tony bought me last Saturday (while I was in York) smells absolutely gorgeous. It is full of blossom so hopefully we will get some lemons on it. One of the orange trees has six oranges on. They are green at the moment and supposedly they are ornamental and not edible???? I ate one last year and it was a bit tasteless. Then I read the label and discovered that it is ornamental. Ho Hum we live and learn.

I am trying to leave the little bead boxes alone for the time being. They are my current obsession though I am trying to ignore the sheep wool that is shouting from the corner. I think I have made enough felty things for the moment.

Just upped Alexanders pocket money to £50 a month starting next month. This will actually work out cheaper for me in the long run as he now has to budget for his clothes out of his allowance. I think he feels like Mr Money Bags cos it does sound a big increase from his usual £20. I handed over pocket money plus another £20 for a shirt today. He is getting very clothes conscious so this will give him responsibility for his own budgeting and save me a small fortune.

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