Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Girls day out.

I had a lovely day out in York yesterday. We were celebrating Francine's birthday and have been planning it for weeks. York was fantastic as usual though I must say that I was really disappointed with the famous 'Betty's' . The hot chocolate was luke warm and the Swiss chocolate torte was stale. I won't be in any great hurry to go there again. We finished our day with a quiet drink in Harrogate. I have never been shopping in Harrogate and I would really love a weekend there with Tony. Perhaps this summer we might book a couple of days there.

Today we went to Middlesbrough and Tony bought me a bottle of Coco Chanel's Mademoiselle. I had a little spray of it yesterday in York and really liked it. I had intended to buy myself some but Tony paid for it for me. Now I have a dilemma. Should I spend the money that I saved on beads or should I hang on to it in case I see a nice handbag?

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