Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Monday, 15 February 2010

First Crocus

Yee Haa, I spotted my first crocus yesterday. I was looking out of the window to my garden and there it was. A yellow crocus there among the plants in my garden. I do love it when winter gradually loses her grip and lets the lovely spring return to England.

Anyway, as yesterday was Valentine's day Alexander had asked if we would go out ???????? He wanted to cook for his young lady. It meant that Tony and I had a lovely afternoon in Whitby. We were amazed at the crowds. I don't think we have ever been to Whitby in the winter or summer when there wasn't a crowd. I bought some beautiful gold lurex ribbon to make a couple of 'blingy' bookmarks. I also bought some sunflower yellow dye to dye some of my bath towels. I think the sight of the crocus has got my sap rising. I feel a major spring clean coming on. Wednesday is my next day off so I might empty all my kitchen cupboards and give them a good clean. Oh aren't I just the domestic goddess? :-)
Today I led a winter walk in Fairy Dell. We had a very important man along from the local council and my boss came too. Thirty Seven other people came along today which is a great turnout. My boss has never joined me for a winter walk before and he was really pleased with me.

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