Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Sunday, 9 April 2017

A lovely day out

Tony and I have had a lovely day out in the sunshine.  We started off with a wander around a car boot sale in Scorton.  Then we drove over to Mainsgill Farm on the A66 for a browse in the farm shop there.  The camels must be a huge attraction and we saw both of them out in the field enjoying the sunshine.  The shop is a bit pricey but heck, it is all gourmet food so I would expect to pay the prices.  We then called in to the Black Bull in Melsonby for a quiet drink in the sunshine.  I was absolutely delighted when the landlady brought a little tray of nibbles for us to share.  There were mini scotch eggs,  nice cheese and pickled onions. That was such a nice old fashioned gesture and one that ensured they will certainly get our custom again.


  1. We headed from Lancashire to Middlesbrough yesterday. The camels were attracting quite a few admirers when we passed by.

  2. I love that farm shop. Did you buy anything? X

    1. We bought two lovely pies.. One was steak and the other was steak and mushroom... or so we thought . The steak and mushroom turned into chicken and ham... still delicious but not what Tony expected when I cooked tea last night