Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Fudge update and a yucky mistake

What can I say........ it is absolutely gorgeous but not as firm as a commercial fudge. I can slice it without it sticking to the knife or collapsing.  I think I might be tempted to roll it into balls and coat it with grated chocolate or chopped nuts.  I did see another recipe which swapped the peanut butter for a large bar of chocolate.  I bet that would make for a firmer fudge so if I can get some condensed milk in Aldi at the weekend I will give it a try..... all in the name of research of course. :-)  I will use the darkest chocolate that I can find as I think a milk chocolate might end up being way too sweet for my taste.
Don't do what I did though.  I keep my silicon sheets in a jar in the 'washing powder cupboard'.  Never gave it a thought as I always wash them thoroughly before using.  It has left a slight hint of washing powder on the fudge... I did take it off the sheet last night as soon as I detected the taste but it is still there slightly in the background.... won't stop me eating this but the next fudge will be put onto wax paper.


  1. Oh dear, never mind though, your insides will be nice and clean lol ;-)

  2. How about adding dark chocolate to this recipe? It would help it set up better and have a wonderful taste!

    1. That would be really tasty...... do you have a blog Jan?

  3. No, I do write quite a lot about daily life and experiences but just send to folks who know me!