Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Le Crafterie

We didn't buy a trailer yesterday although we did look at a couple. Tony has decied that we will continue to look. Today I think I may have to give Le Crafterie a really good sort out.  It once again is stuffed to the rafters with crafting bits and pieces. It has got to the stage where there is hardly enough room to move in there let alone do any crafting. I have a huge tree branch which when I get around to it will become a snake for my garden. I had planned to make a start on it tomorrow but have been asked to take my poppy wreaths along to a photo shoot by a local newspaper.  I do hope the weather is kind to us. It means that tomorrow will be a busy day for me. On Monday mornings I lead a walking group in a local park. Numbers in the group are starting to pick up nicely and everyone is really friendly. 

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  1. Hoping the weather is a bit brighter tomorrow for you. The photo shoot sounds exciting :) I know what you mean about crafting areas, mine always gets slightly messy ( well alot messy ). xx