Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Monday, 1 August 2016

Brightlingsea Birthday

My birthday is on Saturday and all being well we plan to spend it at the Brightlingsea music festival.  We had a thoroughly lovely time there last year and with a bit of luck the weather will be kind. I haven't even started to pack though and that really isn't like me. Hopefully I will get it done this evening after we have been for a little 'holiday food' shop.
On Wednesday Tony and I are driving down south to stay at my friend Anona's house. I am pulling together a little parcel of home made goodies to give her and I have been a bit of a domestic goddess this morning. After doing the laundry, vacuuming downstairs and washing the kitchen floor I made two pots of strawberry jam to add to the parcel. I am gathering a nice little pile of bits and bobs for the parcel on the spare bed.  That motivated  me to tidy the spare room and I am staggered how quickly I got it all put straight (ish).  Perhaps I need to go to Brightlingsea more often if it makes me come over all houseworkie (y)  :-) I have even given the gardens front and back a really good soak. Fingers crossed for it to rain a little while we are away and my lovely neighbour Joan won't need to worry about watering it