Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Friday, 8 July 2016

My lovely new log store.

The log store is finished and I am really pleased with how it looks.  We have two large plastic grow bag trays so tomorrow we plan to go and get a couple of grow bags which I aim to plant up with whatever bedding plants are still available. I will put them on top of the log store and hopefully if I can get some trailing petunias they will look really pretty.  During the autumn and winter I will swap out summer bedding plants for winter pansies.  The base for the log store is this huge pallet that Tony got from work. It is about 8ft long and about 3ft 6 wide
The huge pallet

Tony creating a partitioned area for the kindling and coal

Tony has covered the front of it it with a piece of pond liner to keep the weather off. He has left the back and sides open to allow airflow around the logs


  1. Does Tony fancy making one of those for me please ;-)

  2. Those big pallets are great. So useful for garden builds.