Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wasted morning (bit of a rant)

I set aside this morning to complete my self assessment tax return.....   hahahahahahahahah. I gathered all the information together, spent a couple of hours working through all my paperwork and thought I was really organised..... until I tried to log in.  After several failed attempts I emailed for a new password.... thirty minutes later it arrived... (I bet you thought it was thunder that you could hear? It was just me drumming my fingers while I waited)  I entered the password and  tried again... no joy... and again... nope... and again..... still nothing.  In the end I gave up and rang the Tax office.  After pressing this number for this and that number for that I eventually got to speak to someone.....  I spent ten minutes going through all the ID checks  and then was asked  what was my UTR?????????  My what???????? my  UTR.   what on earth is that asks me...  It is your unique tax reference I was snootily informed.  Well why didnt she just say that.  Oh well.at least I know for next year when I do it all again.   After several more questions the young lady accessed my account and informed me that I was locked out ........ is that because I made too many attempts says I?    It will be says young lady.  You will need to leave until this afternoon to try again??????   Guess how I shall be spending the afternoon. 

Rant over.....

Last night I finished sewing together all the little jerseys that I have made for the bunting which will be in place when the Tour de Yorkshire starts off just up the road from where I live.

As a reward for my hard work  :-)  Tony and I enjoyed a portion of fruit from the Rumtopf....  it was absolutely delicious  and we are already talking about starting another one later in the year.


  1. Oh I love your bunting. I did my tax return on Monday. Thankfully I had made a note of my password. I get so frustrated at the amount of times I need to be sent password reminders. X

  2. You probably spelt your name wrong . If that evil elf in IT says that to me once more...ggggrrrrr

  3. Tax - grrrrrrr....................
    lovely bunting and a well earned rumtopf :-)