Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Monday, 18 April 2016

My day off today

Well actually Wednesday would have been my day off but I am off to the local University to invigilate exams today so swapped my day off. I won't finish until 4.45  so it is a quick gammon and salad for tea. The week ahead looks to be a really pleasant one weatherwise so I might manage a bit of gardening after tea each evening.  The spring bulbs in the front garden look spectacular but we think Mr Squirrel has enjoyed most of the ones in the back garden.  It should look lovely out there by now but there is hardly a bulb in sight. I will have to do a bit of research to see if there are any that Mr Squirrel might leave alone.


  1. Plant the bulbs into pots, bury the pots with a bit of netting over them.
    Or try planting garlic bulbs amongst them.

  2. https://uk.pinterest.com/srokstar/squirrel-repellent-plants/

    1. I will take a look and see what they suggest

  3. Hi again Cherie - re the colouring pencils. I use "bog standard" WHSmith ones. Plain colouring, watercolour and blending. All work a treat on parchment.