Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Call this a day off (and my ring pull phone case)

 Today is my day off... if you can call it that.  In the way of all dutiful wives (tongue in cheek)  I have done all the laundry,  vacuumed from top to bottom and am about to start cooking a fish pie for tea. I think I would rather be at work. Oh! and speaking of work ...... I uploaded some music to my phone and am using it to keep me company on my way to work each morning. I  can't stand wearing  'in ear'  headphones and would look pretty silly walking along with a full sized set so I used some of my ring pull stash to make a phone case that doesn't reduce the sound.   I have attached a big pin on the back and pin it at the top of my coat so that I can listen to my music without deafening other early morning walkers.I am amazed at how long the battery is keeping its charge though. 


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