Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Friday, 8 January 2016

Walking group

This time last year I started a walking group. A lady had posted a message on 'streetlife'  asking if there was a lady willing to go for a walk once or twice each week with  her.  We chatted on the phone and I suggested that we ask if any other ladies would like to join us for a walk and a coffee afterwards.  About eight people turned up that first time but the lady who originally asked for a walking companion never turned up again.  Our group regularly has between eight and fifteen walkers now and we all enjoy a natter and a cuppa at the end of the walk. It is hard to believe that we have been going for a whole year.  I have no idea where the time has gone but it was great to meet up today for our first walk in 2016.  We are all going out for meal tonight too.


  1. What a wonderful idea to set up a walking group. I especially like that you have a drink and a natter at the end of your walks. X

  2. Awesome idea. I live next to a 7 mile river trail with walking bridges on both ends. I think I will put that invitation out this week. The larger the group, the safer we would be from Mountain Lions and Bears....oh my!

    1. Crikey, the most worrying thing we have is how to navigate the deep muddy puddles. I won't complain anymore. x