Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The gingerbread man

Late last year my fellow wood carvers and I were each given a piece of wood 6x6x1 inches and asked to carve a fairy story.  We were given a list of the stories that they would like us all to choose from and I chose the Gingerbread Man.  Actually I was one of the lucky ones as my fellow carver Frances was given 'The Princess and the Pea'....   she is struggling.... Anyway,  I managed to get mine just about finished last night so as soon as I teak it a bit I can move onto my next project.  I have left my 'fairystory' a tiny bit more rustic than I would usually finish something as it is to be a part of a big panel which will be put together and become a permanent feature in the school where we carve.  I like to think that chilrden at the school will enjoying running their fingers over this piece of work and perhaps one day choose to take up carving.   Sometimes I think you can finish a wood carving to such a high degree that it almost looks like plastic and people initially don't believe that it is carved by hand.  I much prefer the odd tool mark on a piece of wood work. Tony and I are also members of the wood turning club  and it was pointed out at the club many years ago that you can spot a fellow turner just by the way he examines wooden products...... We run our hands over the front and back checking for toolmarks.  We also run our hands under the lip of jugs and vessels checking for finish and are frequently shocked at the shoddy finish of things that we see on sale at craft fairs.

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