Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog
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Saturday, 9 January 2016

I have succumbed

I said that I wasn't planning on dieting but when I took my measurements this morning I was horrified.  Today is the start of my calorie counting. We did a ‘salad shop’ this morning and Tony has decided that he too wants to get fitter and in better shape…. yes I know round is a shape but that isn’t the one that we are aiming for’. When I took my measurements this morning my eyes nearly popped out… 40 bust, 32 waist and 39 hips. My bras look like hay racks for a racehorse. I am really planning to get in shape now. Heading out for a walk in a few minutes.

Breakfast small bowl of bran flakes with a splash of milk
lunch…. vegetable curry with rice. (and very nice it was too)
I am planning on having a rice salad with tuna or a salmon fillet for tea. No sweets, no crisps and no alcohol.


  1. Combined with all that walking you will soon notice a difference. You have my total admiration. I have very little self restraint when it comes to food. X

  2. A daily walk makes all the difference for me, I must get out more, good luck with your healthy eating plan x

  3. those sneaky little pounds always seem to catch up to us...sounds like you're putting together a good offense!

  4. Hubby and I want to lose some as well. Trying to eat healthier and less. est of luck!